Max, our youngest brewer is originally from Wimbledon. His passion for brewing started at Newcastle University, where he completed his biology degree. He was a keen participant in the campus brewing society and began making home brews for his friends and family.

He joined our team in October 2017 and since then he’s been enjoying brewing under the guidance of Master Brewer, Derek Prentice. He and Michael Prentice have been working on brews of their own, which we’ve all had the pleasure to taste at the tap room.

We asked Max to answer a few questions about all things relating to beer and these were his answers:

  • Favourite Wimbledon beer: Quartermaine 5.8% IPA.
  • Best beer you’ve had abroad: Sierra Nevada’s Tropical Torpedo in California. Not a fancy beer but very tasty and great to take to the beach.
  • Favourite brewer which you’ve visited: Wylam Brewery in Newcastle.
  • What three things made a good pub (or tap room): a good beer selection, clean lines and lots of nooks and crannies for hidden tables.

A young talent with huge enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing what he brings to the future of our brews.