Sillymoo Cowfold Unfiltered Cider 24 x bottle (330ml)


We’ve teamed up with a Sussex farm to supply you guys with some excellent cider. We’re delighted to be able to promote a local producer and also be able to widen our product range. It’s a win/win relationship and story which we hope you like! This unfiltered cider is 4.2%ABV.

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Silly Moo Unfiltered Cider is the newest cider to come from Rachel & Andrew Knowles, a father-daughter duo from Sussex. In addition to rearing the cider’s namesakes, a herd of 250 Sussex Wagyu cattle, the pair have been making cider on their farm since 2014. This newbie is a naturally cloudy full-juice cider made from apples grown in their traditional cider apple orchard and apples swapped for cider by their neighbours each autumn. The juice is fermented with the help of wild yeasts before blending with fresh juice. It’s left unfiltered for an intensely fresh and full-bodied sessionable cider.