Special Range Double Case


Our Specials Range seeks to reinvigorate perceptions of iconic beer styles. The beers in this range will be fresh interpretations, using heritage ingredients and implementing modern techniques.

Saison is the first beer in our Specials Range. We chose Extra Pale, wheat and spelt malts. Whole cone Goldings and Ekuanot hops add fresh zest. A long fermentation period on the WY 3726 yeast strain brings out notes of white pepper and spice, giving the brew a touch of tartness and a dry finish. This is a fresh, zesty farmhouse 4.7%ABV ale.

Table beer is a low ABV, light-bodied brew, perfect for pairing with food. An historic style, Table Beers are now seeing a Renaissance thanks to new approaches to the style. For the second beer in our Specials Range, Table Beer, we chose Plumage Archer malt. A heritage variety and grandparent of Maris Otter, it brings body and backbone to the brew. Wheat and oat malts add gentle smoothness. Our hop blend, featuring Centennial, Taiheke, Rakau and Motueka, contributes floral, citrus and tropical fruit notes.


  • 12 x 440ml Saison 4.7%abv
  • 12 x 440ml Table Beer 2.8%abv

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